Razer CEO Trash Talks Other PC Makers While Professing his Love for Apple Designs

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Min-Liang Tan likes to think he builds a Macbook for the Windows gaming community.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has a history of being somewhat outspoken, and in a recent interview with The Verge he didn’t pull any punches when it came to the fumbles of his competitors. "We don't think the PC is dying. Rather, what's killing the PC industry isn't the PC itself, but PC makers.” Tan claims his company’s two year old lineup of Blade laptops is a shining example of the types of innovative products HP and Dell aren’t producing.

"It's been a long time since anyone's been passionate about a PC," Tan claims. "HP's doing a horrible job with it. Dell's doing a horrible job with it. They just don't want to do anything with the PC anymore. Look, HP tried to get rid of their PC division and Dell said 'we're not a PC company anymore, we're now an enterprise company.'" Tan feels strongly that his company is one of the few remaining PC makers who offer gaming laptops at a quality level that matches Apple. "I love Apple products," he says. "I think they do an incredible job in terms of industrial design. But, for us, it's also been an issue of creative professionals coming to us after Apple moved out of the 17-inch space."

Perhaps the two most surprising bits of trivia that came out of the interview were a bit more commercial in nature. Tan claims that despite having prices far above the commodity PC makers, profits per machine are still not great. It’s not entirely clear if he was basing that on margin expectations from the company’s other product lines, or the PC sector in general. The other admission is that Razer can’t build Blade laptops and Edge tablets fast enough to keep up with demand. The company originally had aspirations of offering its PC products internationally, but so far production constraints have held them back.

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