Razer Builds Research Facility in Texas

Paul Lilly

Gaming peripheral maker Razer announced this week the opening of the Razer Austin Technical Research Center. If U.S. geography's not your strong suit, that's Texas. Razer says it hopes to bring together some of the most talented technical researchers and designers in the world to Texas, where they will be in charge of creating new technologies to alter not just the gaming landscape, but consumer electronics as well.

"It really made sense to develop a technical research center in the heart of what people are calling the Silicon Hills," said Min-Liang Tan , CEO and Creative Director, Razer. "We are moving full speed ahead to change the gaming space via a collaborative effort to focus even more on our intricate and high-quality designs, such as our recently announced Razer Switchblade. We intend to bring on only the best and most ambitious team members to help make the new research center a place where dreams and new technologies come true."

Razer already operates design labs and offices in Singapore and San Francisco. The Austin facility will include a technology lab for creating new concept vehicles and technology demos, as well as focus on Human Interface Design.

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