Razer Blade Gaming Laptops Could Be Underneath Trees This Christmas

Brad Chacos

Usually, shaving accessories are generally regarded as a cop-out last-resort gift for the guys on your holiday shopping list. Disposable Bics still suck as presents, but the new $2,800 high-end laptop Razer’s putting out is decidedly cooler – and even though it hasn’t been released yet, you might just be able to find one under your Christmas tree this year. And hey, Razer managed to pull a Santa and hide a secret upgrade gift inside the Razer, too.

Kotaku spoke with Razer honcho Min-Liang Tan , who told the publication that mobile gamers will soon be able to preorder the laptop on the Razer website. As we mentioned in our initial hands-on impression , the Blade rocks a 17-inch screen, an auxiliary screen/trackpad with eight bindable buttons, a i7-2640M dual-core 2.8GHz CPU, 8GB of memory, and an NVIDIA 555M discrete GPU. One component has changed, though: Tan says that Razer was able to negotiate some good prices from its suppliers after the original announcement, so the 320GB HDD that was supposed to ship in the Blade has been replaced with a 256GB SSD, instead. Less space, sure, but much more oomph.

Tan expects the Razer Blade to start shipping sometime before Christmas. That doesn’t mean you’ll actually get it by December 25th, of course, but you might just.

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