Razer Blade Delayed, Free Mouse Offered To Would-Be Buyers

Brad Chacos

PC gamers wishing for a Razer Blade gaming laptop underneath the ol’ tree this Christmas got some news that tastes like charcoal a couple of days ago; the company’s foray into personal computing is getting pushed back until January. It’s a sudden abrupt-face from Razer’s position a couple of weeks ago, when CEO Min-Liang Tan said that systems were expected to ship before the holidays . But hey, you’ll be getting some extra features in exchange for your patience.

Tan lays the blame for the delay on the last-minute swapping of 320GB HDDs for 256GB SSDs – an upgrade Razer isn’t charging extra for. “Because we managed to upgrade the HDD to an SSD at the eleventh hour, we were only able to secure quantities of the new SSDs to arrive at our manufacturing facilities at the last minute and as a result, we will not be able to fulfil our initial launch orders of the Razer Blade before the holidays,” he wrote on Facebook .

If you plan on picking up a Blade, Razer wants to make up for its tardiness with a free mouse, the Razer Orochi Blade Edition, which was designed specifically to match the aesthetics of the laptop. Head on over to the Razer Blade store page and click on “Notify Me;” when the preorders open up, Razer will send you a notification along with a coupon code for the free mouse – which, of course, you can only claim if you actually buy the notebook.

“We planned on selling the Razer Orochi Blade Edition as an accessory for the Razer Blade, but we wanted to let you know how truly sorry we are for not getting everyone a Razer Blade in time for the holidays,” Tan said.

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