Razer BlackWidow Stealth Edition Mechanical Plank Won't Wake Your Spouse

Paul Lilly

Part of the fun at hammering away on a mechanical keyboard is the audible click that emanates with each keystroke. The downside? Those around you might not appreciate an obnoxiously loud plank as much as you do. Razer's new BlackWidow Stealth Edition is a mechanical keyboard utilizing silent key switches, giving users similar tactile feedback but without all the noise.

"Where the first Razer BlackWidow can be likened to a barbarian ploughing through enemies with ease, the Stealth Edition of this mechanical keyboard is the ninja who sneaks up on opponents unexpectedly to take them down in a quick blur," said Robert Krakoff, President, Razer USA. "Quieter feedback on the keys, lighter actuation force, extreme anti-ghosting on the Ultimate version, and a new matte black finish make the Stealth Edition of the Razer BlackWidow keyboards the best choice for the unassuming but extremely deadly gamer."

Like the original BlackWidow, Razer will offer the Stealth Edition in both Ultimate and Standard versions. Both boast silent mechanical key switches with 45g actuation force, 1000Hz/1ms Ultrapolling, programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording, a gaming mode (disables Windows key), 10 customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching, 5 additional macro keys, multimedia controls, gaming optimized key matrix for minimized ghosting, and a braided cable. The Ultimate Edition adds backlit keys, audio-out/mic-in jack, USB passthrough, and more extensive anti-ghosting.

The BlackWidow Stealth Edition Ultimate ($140) and Standard ($80) are available now.

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Image Credit: Razer

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