Ray Bradbury not Amused by the Internet

Paul Lilly

You kids and your fancy Internet can keep it and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Or at least that's how Ray Bradbury, the 88-year-old sci-fi author who penned such classics as Fahrenheit 451 , The Illustrated Man , and The Martian Chronicles , probably feels. Speaking to The New York Times , Bradbury had some interesting things to say about the cyber space.

"The Internet is a big distraction," Bradbury said as he was just warming up. "Yahoo called me eight weeks ago. They wanted to put a book of mine on Yahoo! You what I told them? 'To hell with you. To hell with you and to hell with the Internet.' It's distracting. It's meaningless; it's not real. It's in the air somewhere."

Yahoo had no comment on the issue, saying they weren't sure of Bradbury's account was accurate.

On a related note, online literature has become a hot topic as of late, particularly with the controversy surrounding Google's Book service . Google is trying to push through its Book Search initiative, which would give it exclusive access to digital editions of some out-of-print books, much to the chagrin of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and others who oppose the move.

Image Credit: icanhascheezburger.com

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