Raspberry Pi Team Developing Camera Module

Pulkit Chandna

The much talked-about Raspberry Pi, which started shipping last month after a string of delays, is quite capable for its small size and price. As some of you may know, this diminutive single-board computer also features a 15-pin MIPI Camera interface (CSI) connector. However, according to “JamesH” , one of the people working on a camera module for the Pi, the CSI port on the Raspberry Pi is “fairly unusable without an already supported camera.” The good news is that the team has made some headway. More after the jump.

Last week, Liz Upton , who handles the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s PR, posted a few images of a prototype camera add-on board for the Pi. This prototype features a 14 megapixels sensor, according to Upton’s blog post. But don’t get your hopes too high, for the actual camera module is most likely to have something “around the 5 megapixel class” owing to pricing concerns. That said, Lipton did not rule out the possibility of a more expensive, higher-resolution module being made available at a later stage.

“The module is pretty small, which makes it ideal for some of the robotics and home automation applications people have been wanting to build,” Upton wrote. “The mechanical design still isn't complete, but the final version will attach to the Raspberry Pi with ribbon cable, like this prototype.”

The Foundation expects to release a working camera module for the Pi sometime later this year.

Image Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation

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