Raspberry Pi-Like VIA APC Mini PC Goes Up For Preorder, Promptly Sells Out

Brad Chacos

Raspberry Pi: it's a geek's low-cost dream for a basic HTPC, but due to the time difference between the U.S. and Britain I've yet to be able to get my hands on one in the brief windows that they've been available for.  Sigh. So my hopes skyrocketed when VIA announced its Pi look-alike, the $50 APC 8750. And joy of joys, it went up for preorder today! … then promptly sold out in a matter of hours , before I was able to snap one up. Double sigh.

From the APC blog :

Last night at 10:30pmTaiwantime (GMT+8) we began to accept pre-orders of APC. Those who had registered to be notified were given the first opportunity to place orders, which were limited to a maximum of 2 units. Due to the staggering demand we sold out in just a few hours .

Those first units are expected to ship towards the beginning of July. In the same post, VIA said that it is working hard to get the APC 8750 stocked with major market distributors to cut down on end-customer shipping costs around the world. A valiant cause, but you gotta make 'em before you ship 'em, VIA!

Wondering what all the hub-bub is about? We already covered the nitty gritty details about the neo-ITX APC 8750 -- including its 720p video streaming via HDMI, 2GB of onboard NAND storage and keyboard-friendly flavor of Android Gingerbread -- when the mini-PC was announced a few weeks back.

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