Rare Mac SE Fails to Fetch $25,000


Last month, a rare Apple-1 sold for more than $210,000 at an auction house in London, an exorbitant price tag but one that the buyer felt was justified given that only about 200 Apple-1 machines were ever created, CNet reports . By comparison, it's believed that only around 10 transparent Mac SEs ever came off the assembly line, so surely one of those would command just as much, right?

Unfortunately for eBay user "caw_jmw," who claims he worked in Apple R&D in the 1980s, his rare transparent Mac SE, which was intended for internal use only, couldn't muster a single bid at the starting price of $25,000. If we chalk up the $210,000 Apple-1 to an anomaly, then we suppose the lesson here is that there really is a point where Apple users will cease to pay more for older generation hardware .

For those of you who collect or have held onto old PC parts, what's your most prized possession? An old Voodoo graphics card, perhaps? An AdLib soundcard? Share your stuff in the comments section below!

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