Rapidshare Hopes to Frustrate Users into Purchasing Legit Content

Pulkit Chandna

Rapidshare is one of the most popular file-hosting services in the world. It is not in an entirely enviable position, though, as the affection it commands among its patrons is offset by the contempt it receives from content owners affected by the abundance of unauthorized content on its servers. The courts have time and again made it clear Rapidshare has no choice but to proactively filter content . Having been pushed into a tight corner, the Germany-based file host has come up with a plan to pacify the entertainment industry.

According to a report on TorrentFreak.com, which contains excerpts of recent correspondence between Rapidshare’s General Manager Bobby Chang and representatives of the entertainment, the plan is to take down an unauthorized file and redirect all traffic to its URL to an online store.

“If a user finds out that several attempts to download an illegal copy of a DVD are in vain, and if his several attempts to ’steal’ this DVD have just brought him to an online-store, he may finally be frustrated and willing to purchase a licensed version of this movie,”  Chang wrote in a letter to entertainment industry executives. “We are willing to invest substantially into this online store and I would be glad to not just talk about RapidShare as a threat for the entertainment industry, but also about RapidShare as an interesting option to sell your products.”

Rapidshare owes most of the several petabytes of data it hosts to its popularity as a safe haven for both uploaders and downloaders of unauthorized content. It is difficult to imagine its success without the free reign its users have enjoyed over the years, although it denies ever conniving at illegal file sharing. Ironically, Rapidshare has no recollection of its past business practices and even accuses competitors of  “trying really hard to gain the favor of those users, who rely on cyberlockers to spread and distribute copyright protected content.”

Image Credit: RapidShare

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