RAM Gone Wild: Overclocker Pushes G.Skill TridentX Kit to 3,900MHz

Paul Lilly

Memory maker G.Skill is laying claim to the "world's fastest RAM" after an overclocker goosed the company's TridentX Extreme Performance memory kit to 1,950MHz (3,900MHz effective). Whether you want to qualify that as the world's fastest RAM is up to you (and clearly G.Skill does), but it is a new memory frequency world record, so there are some well deserved bragging rights to go around.

Overclocker "Christian Ney" achieved the world record just a few days after another overclocker, "HiCookie," first broke the record with the same kit. HiCookie achieved 1,677MHz (3,354MHz effective) using a Gigabyte Z77X-UD4H motherboard and Intel Core i7 3770K processor.

Christian Ney trumped HiCookie's frequency using an AMD system with a Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H motherboard and A8-3870K processor. In both cases, a healthy dose of liquid nitrogen was required to keep everything cool.

"Despite being the world's fastest RAM manufacturer, G.Skill will continue to strive for first-class quality at competitive pricing to the market," said Bill Wang , VP at G.Skill.

Gee, good to know G.Skill isn't hanging its hat up and calling it quits.

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