Raidmax Seiran Chassis Ships Mid-November in Three Color Schemes

Paul Lilly

The new Seiran case from Raidmax has a bit of an odd namesake. According to Raidmax, it's named after the "submarine-launched Aichi M6A Seiran single-engine aircraft, which even today is still recognized as one of the most innovative naval fighting aircraft ever constructed." What that has to do with PCs and computer cases totally eludes us, but we do know what this case has going for it.

There are front-panel controls for adjusting fan speed and the brightness of the internal LEDs, "unlike competing cases which disturb you with noisy cooling fans and light up rooms with excessively bright LEDs." It's supposedly a cinch to work on, starting with fold-out handles on both side panels to make it easy to slide them out and back in. Tool-less drive bays lock HDDs in place, and cable management features are there to help prevent your build from becoming a cluttered mess.

The Seiran comes with nine drive bays with mesh bay covers, water cooling in/outlets, bottom mounted PSU section with fan filter, a carrying handle, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, and three color options (red, white, and black).

Raidmax priced the Seiran at $80.

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Image Credit: Raidmax

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