RAIDing Spaces


I have RAID 0 on my PC and store my OS on it. But what else goes there? Do I install my games to the RAID or to my other drive? I also have games imaged so I don’t need the CD/DVD. Should those games be on the RAID or not? Are there any apps that would do better on the RAID? As it stands, I install most of my apps to the RAID 0 (Firewall, antivirus, Yahoo!, etc.). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

—Martin Cates

Martin, the rule we generally follow is that documents, music, movies, etc., reside on a secondary drive. RAID 0 is fast and useful for running your operating system and oft-used programs like games—depending on your RAID controller, you can nearly double your read and write speeds, offering a big performance boost. But because your data is striped across two drives, the chance of mechanical failure doubles, and RAID arrays are susceptible to motherboard problems too—the last thing you want is a BIOS update destroying your data. So, weigh your options: A RAID 0 array is great if you’re chasing speed, but you run a greater risk of data loss, and it’s certainly going to be more expensive than buying a single high-performance drive.

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