Rahul Sood: HP Doesn't Have Any Balls (or Arms or Legs)

Paul Lilly

Rahul Sood doesn't hold a grudge against HP. As a matter of fact, he "really loves HP," as he confessed in a recent blog post , and is hoping that when HP's finished reinventing itself, the OEM "comes back stronger and better than ever." Those are kind words for a company that ultimately drove Sood's Voodoo PC brand into the ground, but after witnessing HP do the same with Palm/webOS and try to duck out of the PC business altogether, one can't help but make some harsh observations.

"HP made the their move -- they won't go back on it. They think they're amputating an arm, but they are removing both legs and a pair of balls," @rahulsood posted on Twitter following HP's flurry of announcements last week.

Talk about a kick to the groin, but if Sood's right, HP won't feel it anyway. Whether you agree with him or not, Sood has certainly earned the right to speak bluntly about HP's desire to ditch PCs. The guy started off with a dream and a credit card , and turned them into Voodoo PC, a custom gaming boutique that once scored a perfect 10 in Maximum PC magazine ( check out page 76 ). Voodoo PC turned a profit from Day 1 and was still making money when he sold it to HP more than a decade later. It took only a few years for HP to bungle its acquisition and for Sood to jump ship, a decision that didn't come easily .

Where HP goes from here is very much up in the air, and the topic of much debate (and has turned into a war of the words between HP and Dell). Rather than add more speculation at this early stage, we'll let Sood have the last word.

"I still can't believe the occurrences of last week. Wow. Talk about an epic week in technology," @rahulsood tweeted over the weekend.

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