RAGE Enrages PC Players with Brokenness, Bethesda Blames Graphics Card Drivers

Maximum PC Staff

Over the course of millions of years of evolution, the human race has come quite a long way. We've created mountains of sophisticated literature, skyscraping architecture, and the collected works of King Crimson. Sometimes, though, we can't help but slip into Old Ways. Which is all to say, “Ooooo, pretty picture!” That's pretty much how we felt looking at screenshots of id Software's megatexture masterwork RAGE. Sadly, the game in motion tells an entirely different story – at least, on PC.

Early buyers have reported – and posted video evidence of – texture pop-in issues that render RAGE nearly unplayable. Now's the part where we're supposed to lament how “the mighty have fallen,” what with id's heritage as a PC gaming pioneer powered partially by John Romero's ego, right? Well, that doesn't really appear to be the problem – especially seeing as John Carmack's even gone so far as to discuss a super hi-res graphics update exclusively for PC.

No, Bethesda insists that you should aim your blame BFGs squarely at graphics card manufacturers. Worry not, however, as the publisher's apparently working dilligently with AMD and Nvidia to ensure that new drivers properly support the game. For now, though, Bethesda's recommending – among other things – that you avoid AMD's Battlefield 3 beta drivers, as those crash to desktop “100 percent” of the time. As we understand it, that sort of thing's not so great for immersion.

Fortunately, AMD's tech wizards have since conjured up a new driver that apparently zaps all the bugs with unholy hellfire, leaving a pristinely rendered apocalyptic wasteland in its wake. So then, all's well that ends well, we suppose. It's all figurative sunshine and bunnies from here on. Now go literally murder them with giant guns. This is an id Software game, after all.

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