Radio Shack Joins the iPad 2 Party

Paul Lilly

A few days ago we treated PC purists to a video of the iPad 2 being blasted to bits by a shotgun. On the flip side, if such harsh treatment of an iOS device made you lose your lunch and question what's wrong with humanity, it's your turn for a treat. While surfing seedier sides of the Web (like Apple sites), we discovered a leaked photo suggesting the iPad 2 is going on sale at Radio Shack starting today.

MacRumors posted the photo , which shows an ad stating, "We are thrilled that iPad 2 will be available at 500 Radio Shack locations across the country starting March 29! Details have been sent to these stores."

It's a ray of hope for anyone who's been wanting to grab an iPad 2 but have had trouble finding one in stock. Apple's second generation tablet sold out at most locations on the first day, and if you visit Apple's Web store, the Cupertino outfit is quoting 3-4 weeks for new orders.

MacRumors said it confirmed with several Radio Shack stores that they will be selling the iPad 2, a significant development for the electronics chain which never carried the iPad 1.

Image Credit: Apple

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