Radio Shack Giving Away Free Guns with Dish Network

Paul Lilly

If watching television makes you want to go out and shoot something (preferably something made out of clay and legal to shoot), then Radio Shack might have an offer that's right up your alley. A Radio Shack Super Store in Hamilton, Montana has decided to offer a free gun to qualifying customers who sign up for new Dish Network service.

According to , qualifying customers have the choice between a Hi Point 380 pistol or a 20-gauge shotgun. Radio Shack itself isn't stocking these items, instead handing out gift certificates good at a place called Frontier Guns & Ammo. Background check (also free) is required.

Since running the promotion, the Radio Shack store has tripled its business, and it's not just guys coming in. "You'd be surprised how many women are interested in guns," said Steve Strand, store owner for about seven years. Strand also said he's had many women in their 60s and 70s come in to learn about the promotion.

Strand wanted to follow up the promotion with another similar one with DirecTV, but the satellite service was having no part of it.

"DirecTV is absolutely not following suit with the Dish Network promotion and immediately denied the request for such a promotion the moment it was brought to our attention," a company spokesperson told CNet .

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