Radeon HD 4770 Specs Leaked

Maximum PC Staff

Some leaked reports suggest that AMD has finally hammered out the details of their Radeon HD 4770, one of the new graphics cards to be based off of the 40nm RV740 chip.

The HD 4770 will come with 512MB of 128-bit GDDR5 memory (providing 1960 GFLOPs of processing power), and will pack a core clock of 750MHz, memory clock of 800MHz and a memory bandwidth of 51.2 GB/s. And, thanks to the 40nm manufacturing process, it’ll only draw around 80W of power.

But, while it’s bigger brothers the 4830 and 4850 come with 956 million stream processors, the 4770 will only have 826 million on board (130 million less).

It’s expected that the Radeon HD 4770 will only cost a paltry $99, and will be available to consumers as early as May 4th.

Image Credit: IT168

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