Qwiskter Twitter User Hoping to Cash In on Netflix Name Change

Paul Lilly

The brand recognition Netflix is going for with its Qwikster spin-off probably isn't one of a pot-smoking Elmo , yet up until this morning, that's the image people would have seen if they tried to follow Qwikster on Twitter. That's the sort of thing you risk by not doing your due diligence, and in this case, Netflix failed to check the social networking scene before settling on the name Qwikster , which is the Twitter handle of someone who likes to blaze, play soccer, and rage about his ex-girlfriend.

Jason Castillo, the rightful owner of the Qwikster handle on Twitter, changed his profile picture this morning, likely in a bid to increase the account's value.

"Dayum over 3,120 follower just cuz some ppl wanna buy my handle, 3 ppl have asked but idk who to trust," Qwikster tweeted yesterday .

Mr. Castillo claims he was offered $1,000 for his Twitter tag, but if he holds out for Netflix to make an offer, the account could be worth much more. He's already amassed nearly 10,000 followers since news of Netflix's DVD-rental name change cycled through cyberspace, and that appears to be his plan.

"Just got off the fone wit my right hand man on all this Gabe- @SoccerlsLifegc7 we gonna make shyt hapen cuz wen its over I wanna say #IMadeit ," Castillo tweeted while butchering the English language.

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