Quirky Cordlets Clean up the Cable Clutter

Paul Lilly

When it comes to computer cases, cable management is all the rage. Practically every new PC enclosure comes equipped with cable cutouts to help you tidy up your system, but the irony here is that few people will ever peek inside your desktop enclosure. What passersby are more likely to notice is your work area, and when they do, will they see a neat and tidy setup or a cluttered area with USB and other cables strewn all about? If it's the latter, Quirky may have a solution.

They're called " Cordlets ," little plastic pieces designed to help you get a grip (literally) on your cables. Excess cabling is wrapped around the base of each Cordlet, and then routed in one of four directions in a cross-shaped cutout on the top. An adhesive base allows you to place a Cordlet anywhere on, around, or even under your desktop, on the wall, the back of your monitor, etc.

It's not the prettiest solution to cable management, but it is another option to go along with twisty ties, cable ties, rubber bands, and whatever else you might currently be using to clean up the clutter. Quirky's new Cordlets ship in packs of four for $10 and are available in Charcoal or White.

Image Credit: Quirky

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