Quick! View the New Max Payne Trailer Before it's Gone!


A new trailer for 20th Century Fox's upcoming Max Payne movie has been leaked on the web , but if you want to see it, you'll have to be quick. The trailer's already been pulled from YouTube, but at least two other sites are still hosting the teaser.

The PG-13 flick opens October 17 and stars Mark Wahlberg as the main character (can anyone else picture Mickey Rourke playing the part 10 years and 50 pounds ago?), with a supporting cast that includes the likes of Chris O'Donnel, Beau Bridges, Mila Kunis, and Ludacris. Wahlberg looks to be a good fit for the videogame icon gone Hollywood, and here's hoping he can atone for his performance in The Happening .

Catch the trailer here or here while you still can.

Image Credit: 3D Realms

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