Quanta Sets New Mark in Laptop Shipments

Paul Lilly

IBM isn't the only one setting records this week. Quanta Computer, the biggest contract laptop maker in the galaxy, set the record for both shipments and revenue in June, Infoworld.com reports .

"We expect July to slow down a little bit from June, but [shipments] should come back in August," a Quanta representative said.

What makes these record highs even more impressive is the ongoing bond crisis in Europe, which has negatively affected demand in the tech sector. Even still, Quanta managed to ship 4.8 million laptops in June and take in NT$100.2 billion (US$3.12 billion) in revenue, the company said. The record before then was 4.5 million units and NT$97.0 billion (US$3.02 billion).

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