Qualcomm Mulls Pulling the Plug Completely on Flo TV

Paul Lilly

Back in early October, Flo TV announced plans to shut down its direct-to-consumer service come spring time, citing low adoption and the high cost of marketing, customer service, product development, and customer acquisitions as the reasons why. It was stated that Flo TV's white-label service sold by wireless carriers would remain "unaffected," but it appears parent company Qualcomm now has other plans.

According to online consumer electronics rag Twice Mobile, Qualcomm is considering a complete shutdown of Flo TV and selling off the network's 700MHz spectrum. In a conference call with analysts, Qualcomm chairman and CEO Paul Jacobs said options regarding Flo TV's future "include, but are not limited to, operating the Flo TV network under a new wholesale service, sale to, or joint venture with, a third party, and/or the sale of the spectrum licenses and the discontinuance of the operation of the network."

It's at least possible, then, that Flo TV's departure could be a short lived one and ultimately re-emerge under new ownership. If so, the new owner(s) would have to figure out a way to better promote the service and appeal to a mainstream audience.

Image Credit: Flo TV

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