Qualcomm Details New Generation Snapdragon Processor

Paul Lilly

HP's upcoming 9.7-inch TouchPad tablet will ship with Qualcomm's new APQ8060 dual-core Snapdragon processor, and according to Qualcomm, this wonder chip will enable the "latest and greatest multimedia experiences in today's commercial mobile devices." That includes stereoscopic 3D, 1080p 30fps HD video capture and playback, Adobe Flash 10, and even console quality gaming, Qualcomm claims.

"Our work with industry leaders has allowed us to showcase the full spectrum of Snapdragon's graphics and multimedia capabilities in both the tablet and smartphone space across major software platforms," said Raj Talluri , vice president of product management for Qualcomm. "With more than 75 Snapdragon devices already announced, 150 Snapdragon devices in development, and over 100 high-end mobile games optimized for our GPU, Qualcomm continues to be a leader in delivering high performance devices to market."

The APQ8060 is part of Qualcomm's third generation Snapdragon family and includes two asynchronous processor cores, an integrated Adreno 220 GPU with twice the processor power of its predecessor, support for up to 16MP cameras, and is capable of capturing and displaying HD 1080p stereoscopic video or 8MP stereoscopic still images to an autostereoscopic panel or 3DTV (via HDMI).

Image Credit: Qualcomm

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