Quake Ported to the Palm Pre

Justin Kerr

The Pre is a bit short on milestones these days, so I suppose it's worth noting that a crafty developer has successfully managed to port ID's classic Quake to Palms flagship phone. The frame rate looks a bit low, and it crashes at the end of the demo, but the developer assures us they have cleared all these issues up since the last video was shot.

Quake might seem pretty basic by today's standards, but in terms of polygon count, this accomplishment could have been no easy feat. This proves that the hardware on the Pre is no slouch, but the platform still has a long way to go before it can take on the current Smartphone Juggernauts. Controls on the Pre are most likely going to be an issue, but hey, it can't be any worse than the version of Windows 95 for the iPhone can it?

Check out the video demo below.

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