QR Code Technology Becoming Mainstream with Weather Channel Onscreen Android App Barcode

Ryan Whitwam

Google’s Android platform has been making use of QR codes since its inception. A QR code is a useful way to encapsulate information that can be read by cell phone cameras. In the case of Android, many app developers use them to direct people to their applications. Such is the case with The Weather Channel, which just threw up a QR code for their Android app during the national forecast. The code takes Android users straight to the Weather Channel app in the Android Market.

This is one of the most mainstream uses of QR codes we’ve seen thus far. Some countries have been in on the QR code game for years now, but Android is the first major mobile platform to popularize them in the US. There’s definitely something to be said for QR codes. They are very efficient ways to disseminate information. In fact, the admittedly fuzzy screen cap below still contains a working code.

Here's the full video, complete with helpful countdown:

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