Put the Pitchfork Down, Verizon Confirms 4G Restored for All

Ryan Whitwam

Earlier today we reported that Verizon Wireless was experiencing its second data outage in as many weeks. Well, shortly ago Big Red gave the all clear saying that it fixed the issue an that all users should be back up and running. Any issues you are still having are entirely your own fault.

The carrier disputed the earlier reports claiming that 3G data was down as well. Voice calls and SMS were never affected, either according to Verizon. Still, for all those customers paying up for tiered 4G data plans, it can be a little galling to be dropped back down to 3G for half the day. just poking one’s head into the Verizon forums or checking Twitter made that much perfectly clear.

4G LTE is still a new technology, and Verizon has done the most to get it rolled out to the masses. Perhaps this is just part of the deal being on the cutting edge as the carrier dumps millions of 4G phones onto its new network. How’s your 4G today?

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