Pure Silicon Announces 1TB SSD, You Can't Have It

Paul Lilly

No matter how fast or reliable solid state drives become, there will be some who will continue to scoff at the price per gigabyte ratio, particularly as SSDs breach the 256GB mark. That could change if we start to see significant capacity increases in upcoming SSDs, such as the 1TB SSD Pure Silicon was showing off at CES.

Hold your excitement, however, as there's a major rub. While a 1TB SSD sounds like a tantalizing option, pureSilicon doesn't have you, the consumer, in mind. Instead, when the Nitro drives become available in Q3 2009, they will be used for industrial applications, including military, medical, and other such uses. Drats!

Even still, if pureSilicon paves the way to 1TB, it's likely other manufacturers would soon follow. And when they do, it doesn't appear performance will have to be sacrificed to reach higher capacities. The company rates its entire Nitro line, including the 1TB model, at 240MB/s and 215MB/s sustained read and write speeds, respectively, placing it in line with higher performing consumer SSDs.

No word yet on what the Nitro drives will cost.

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