Puget Systems Refreshes Quad Socket Workstations

Paul Lilly

Configure a workstation with up to 64 CPU cores and 1TB of RAM

Building quad socket workstations isn't new territory for Puget Systems -- the company's been offering such setups for several years now. However, the boutique builder just refreshed two of its models to offer more capacity, better cooling, and quieter operation. You can configure a Peak Quad Intel Xeon machine with up to 48 CPU cores and the Peak Quad AMD Opteron setup with up to 64 CPU cores .

"Our intention with this refresh is to take some of the highest performance workstation configurations available today and make them something you can put in your lab or office," Puget Systems explains. "Most workstations and servers of this caliber come with a prohibitive noise level but the Peak line of workstations solves this problem while still providing excellent cooling and long component lifespan."

Having up to four CPUs is just the beginning -- both systems also support high performance options like large SSD arrays, gobs of RAM (up to 1TB), and various accelerator cards including Intel Xeon Phi (Peak Quad Intel Xeon) and Nvidia Tesla.

The new Peak workstations in Intel and AMD form are available to configure and order today -- be sure to bring a king's ransom.

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