Puget Systems Promises Complete Transparency, Will It Deliver?

Paul Lilly

Imagine for a moment a boutique system vendor turning down a batch of solid state drives or particular brand of graphics cards, not because of price, but based on internal testing and benchmarking. Now take it one step further and imagine that same system builder publishing the results of its internal testing for all the world to see. System shoppers would love it, hardware makers would probably detest the idea, and Puget Systems plans to set the process in motion.

Jon Bach, president and founder of Puget Systems, dropped us a note letting us know about his latest idea, which he also wrote down in a blog post . At the heart of Bach's grand plan is ultimate transparency between the system builder (Puget Systems) and the customer, and it starts with a new division: Puget Labs.

"We detest hype, and this industry is full of it," Bach explains. "Our mission here at Puget Systems is to identify and provide only the best quality hardware and services, and to back up our decisions by freely sharing what we’ve learned along the way. To earn a place in our product line, a computer component undergoes rigorous testing. We apply the results of our testing, along with our years of experience in learning reliability trends and manufacturer characteristics, to make prudent decisions about what we can put our name behind."

Here's where things get interesting, and potentially heated between Puget and component makers. Puget Labs will make public the results of its internal testing, shedding light on why your favorite company's hard drive isn't offered, or why a particular brand of RAM isn't on Puget's radar. No other system builder we know of does this, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Going beyond hardware testing, Puget Labs will study reliability trends and report on batch issues, BOM (bill of material) changes, and even cover internal training.

"Puget Systems is already known as one of the most transparent, informative, and pragmatic in the industry. I'm excited for the months ahead, as we take this to a new level!," Bach says.

And so are we, though is it wrong to hope for some fireworks along the way?

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