Publisher Penguin Pulls Titles from eBook Lending Program

Ryan Whitwam

Publishers are more than a little squeamish about ebooks, and lending ebooks doubly so. With that in mind, it’s not really a surprise that Penguin Books has decided to pull its content from OverDrive , the lending system used by over 7,500 libraries in the U.S.. Penguin previously removed its titles, only to bring them back a few days later. This time, however, the change is looking to be permanent.

OverDrive has come under fire itself for its use of DRM, but this was the only way the company could get nearly 1,000 publishers to get on board with its library lending system. Sadly, that wasn’t enough for Penguin, which didn’t like that patron were able to download content over the air. They preferred a system wherein books would need to be downloaded to a PC, then synced to a device.

Penguin isn’t the only publisher to eschew lending ebooks. Simon & Schuster and Macmillan don’t lend any books, but Random House makes up for that a little by making its entire catalog available for lending through libraries.

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