Psystar Files Notice of Appeal in a Last Ditch Effort to Legalize Hackintoshes

Maximum PC Staff

I'm guessing that about half of our readership scanned over the headline and rolled their eyes, and the other half did a fist pump for the underdog. Psystar has tried pretty much everything to try and keep itself a float in its legal battle against Apple, and it seems determined to keep its name in the headlines just a bit longer by following through with its threat to file an official appeal .

For those that haven't been following the developments, U.S. District Judge William Alsup recently handed down a permanent injunction against Psystar after a drawn out 17 month legal struggle to prevent the sale of any future hackintoshes. Despite the ruiling the defiant startup seems determined to not let the issue go and this time around they are requesting a three member panel of judges from the Ninth Circuit to hear the case. Perhaps they are hoping Apple will get so sick of all the press they will simply pay them off, or maybe these guys really are fighting for the future of Hackintoshes.

Either way, do you think Psystar stands a chance?

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