Psst, Intel - We Want USB 3.0!


Yo, Intel, we need to talk. Word on the Web is that you're not planning to support USB 3.0, otherwise known as SuperSpeed USB, until at least late 2011, with 2012 looking like a more realistic time frame. What the madness?

Those of us with deep pockets bit the bullet and picked up your uber expensive Core i7 980X processor, so far the only consumer six-core chip without an AMD label on it. We did it because we love technology and, well, the kids can always take out student loans, right?

And we didn't really want to go there, but we feel like you owe us after that whole BTX debacle . What are we supposed to do with a BTX case now? That's about as tough to unload on Craigslist as our RDRAM sticks (remember those?).

What we're hearing is that your 6-series chipsets, including Huron River, will support up to 14 USB 2.0 ports, but not a single SuperSpeed port. Please tell us that isn't true, because if it is, well, that really bites dude. Maybe it's an honest mistake and you just weren't aware that USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. That means all those USB 2.0 devices would still work. And did you know that USB 3.0 bumps the power output from around 100 milliamps to 900 millamps? What that means is we'd be able to power more than 4 devices from a single hub, as well as bigger hardware.

In short, it's really awesome , and we want it. So what say you, how about jumping on board and serving up support for SuperSpeed? Don't make us beg.


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