PSP Going, Going, Gone: Sony Officially Axes PSPgo

Maximum PC Staff

The PSPgo entered the world as an ugly duckling. It simply didn't fit in, representing an awkward transition period between physical media and all-digital formats. Also, the whole “stupidly expensive” part probably didn't help. And so we stand before you today bearing somber news that the little-device-that-couldn't wasn't able to find a happy ending. World's three entire PSPgo owners, we're so sorry for your loss.

Sony confirmed the manufacturing halt to Japanese site AV Watch ( via Kotaku ), noting that it now aims to “concentrate on the NGP.” The PSP-3000, however, is especially popular in Japan and – unsurprisingly – is in no danger.

"It will continue to be sold, and we will keep focusing our attention on it from here on out,” Sony explained.

On the bright side, the PSPgo definitely wasn't a terrible device, and – on top of last year's price drop – it's probably about to be cheaper than ever. If you're the type that adorns your house with failed technology – like some kind of hunter with more beheaded beasts than wallpaper – now's your chance to add another soon-to-be rare piece to your collection.

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