PSN Finally Returns, Sony Offers Free Games as Apology for Downtime

Maximum PC Staff

It seems like only yesterday that PSN went down in flames – is what we would be saying if it hadn't been nearly a month . This past weekend, however, Sony finally gave the service the go-ahead to rise from its own ashes, returning online functionality to millions of users. Meanwhile, the console-maker's doing its best to apologize in a language we can all understand: free stuff. See what's up for grabs after the break.

Foremost, two free games are yours for the taking – or rather, they will be. See, PSN is only partially restored at the moment, so the PlayStation Store is still closed for renovations. When it's back from its life-and-death tussle with the e-Balrog, though, you'll be able to choose from Dead Nation, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Super Stardust HD, and Wipeout HD + Fury. In addition, non-subscribers will receive 30 free days of subscription time, and pre-existing users will come away 60 days richer.

If you'd like to dig into the nuts and bolts of the partial restoration, Sony's posted a handy FAQ for your perusal. So then, Sony's officially laid its cards on the table. Ball's in your court now in this incredibly confusing (or awesome, depending on your feelings about card-based ball sports) metaphor. Apology accepted?

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