PSA: Google Reader Shutting Down at Midnight, But RSS Lives On

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Google lets you migrate out easily, but today is your last chance

RSS junkies have known for months now that their much beloved Google Reader web service would be closing its virtual doors on July 1st , but time moves quickly, and the end is nigh. If you are still interested in preserving your data we recommend taking a trip over to Google Takeout . Here the company will prepare you a .zip file full of everything you need to migrate out, and it’s unclear if it will be available after the service shuts down at the stroke of midnight.

Looking for a replacement RSS service? You've come to the right place.

MarketingLand has done an amazing job of comparing the capabilities of more than a dozen different services, but the consensus these days seems to be that Feedly has the biggest head start. Feedly allows you to migrate over with just a few clicks, and not only do they have native apps for Android and iOS, but several third party RSS apps are adding support for Feedly on the backend as well. Press for Android and Reeder for iOS are among the most popular third party mobile clients, and both have expressed support for Feedly.

Three possible runner up services are Digg , AOL Reader , and Feedbin . Among these options Feedbin is the only one with a monthly fee, but then again if you really love RSS, it’s nice to know your Google Reader replacement has a viable business model.

If you are new to RSS it’s also a great time to jump in given all the renewed interest. Let us know your favorite new service in the comments below, and don’t forget to add Maximum PC’s uncompressed RSS feeds .

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