PS3 Could be Getting Hulu as Well

Ryan Whitwam

We've been hearing rumors that a paid Hulu service could be coming to the Xbox 360 for some time now, but now it looks like Sony could be wrangling a deal as well . The service would be offered through the Playstation Network to PS3 owners. Sources are saying that the deal could be announced as early as next week. Of course, both companies are staying tight lipped about a possible deal for now.

If Hulu intends to build a strong business on a paid subscription model, getting on game consoles is a must. Customers will want to get Hulu on their TVs, not just their PCs. As such, game consoles are a perfect method of delivery. There was originally concern that Microsoft would be able to lock Hulu into an exclusive partnership to provide content to the Xbox 360. We Hope this new round of rumors pan out and we see Hulu on multiple gaming platforms.

A price being floated is around $10 per month, but we don't know what sort of features it would include. We'll just have to wait and see what devices we will be able to get Hulu on, but our fingers are crossed that the answer is 'a lot'.

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