Protestors Occupy Bank Of America's Google+ Page

Brad Chacos

Occupy Wall Street’s protestors have moved on from Oakland and NYC parks; they’ve packed up their beef and taken it to the ‘Net, too.  Just one day after Google+ launched its new “Page” functionality for businesses, the Bank of America found its virtual territory occupied by a false profile designed to make them look very, very bad to anybody who happened upon the Page.

The creator of the fake page apparently tricked Google into giving him control of the BoA page, but Google has since given yanked it back and transferred ownership to the Real Deal. As such, the satiric text and pictures have since been scrubbed from the social media service. You can’t scrub anything off the Web completely, though: Sophos’ Naked Security blog conveniently took a snapshot of the page before it was changed, which we’ve posted above. It wasn’t just a static page, either; the creator was actively posting satirical content and links into its streams, such as “Big company party in foreclosed house #2340087 tonight!”

In case you were wondering, the BoA Google+ page now sports one of those nifty little “Verified” checkmarks. Sophos’ Chester Wisniewski notes that “Strangely not all business pages have this verified mark, including BoA's competitor Citibank USA.” Nefariousness or laziness?

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