Prolimatech Armageddon Review



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I read that you tested both of the coolers with two fans, but also included the numbers of the CM Hyper 212+ running just one fan. In the interest of fairness, you should have tested the Armageddon cooler with just one fan so we would have a fair comparison to the CM Hyper 212+ with just one fan. 



In addition, the stats on the specific fans used for each test are quite important, low CFM fans on one or the other shows a clear advantage in efficiency even with lower Cubic Feet Per Minute being moved across the fins.


I still highly doubt either one of them is remotely as capable as the Megahalems Rev.B or the Spire Thermax Eclipse II which are still the king of the hill currently, each sporting a single fan... In push-pull they can trounce most alternatives, and if you splurge and cobble together a quadruple fan rig (mount two fans properly, and spring-clip two more to the first pair) you can squeeze out another few degrees in some cases...

But I digress...


Anyway, when it comes to these things, specifics are very important, you can't honestly compare two heatsinks if the fans that cool them are effectively omitted. Specifications for air-flow and arguably generated air-pressure are significant (big fans have low pressure but higher CFM so it can be deceiving)



Statement withdrawn. I see what I need to see now.