Private Valuation Blasts Past $100 Billion in Pre-IPO Rally

Paul Lilly

For a period of time yesterday, Facebook's value topped $102 billion when 150,000 of the company's Class B common stock traded at $44 each in a private auction hosted by SharesPost . As of this morning, Facebook shares are trading at $42 each in the private market, valuing the social networking site at a slightly less obscene $97.9 billion.

If Facebook can maintain is high stock price, it would be valued at more than twice what Google was when it went public in 2004, though today the search giant's market capitalization is worth just shy of $200 billion.

Facebook filled out paperwork for a $5 billion IPO last week, and according to Bloomberg , company CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has been considering a sale that would value the social networking site at $75 billion to $100 billion. By filing for an IPO, Facebook was required to reveal financial records , and according to the company's S-1, it pulled in $3.71 billion last year with net income of $1 billion.

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