Privacy Advocates Miffed with OnStar's Revised Cancellation Policy

Paul Lilly

OnStar is letting its customers know about changes to its privacy policy likely to upset many of the GPS and emergency response company's six million customers. The new privacy policy gives OnStar permission to sell anonymous GPS data pulled from your vehicle, as well as keep track of your location and how fast you're driving even after you cancel service. spoke on the phone with OnStar spokesman Adam Denison, who said that the General Motors subsidiary will "maintain a two-way connection to your vehicle unless the customer says otherwise." OnStar's reasoning is that it will make it easier for cancelled subscribers to re-up service.

"This will give us the opportunity to deploy future offerings more broadly and, at the same time, allow customers to more easily re-enroll," OnStar said in a statement .

According to Denison, OnStar doesn't currently sell any customer data, but the revised privacy policy makes it clear that it could if it ever wanted to. He also said the data could be used by state transportation departments to analyze traffic on specific sections of freeways.

The new privacy policy, which you can read here (PDF) , goes into effect December 2011.

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