Prices of Ivy Bridge Desktop Chips Allegedly Leaked

Pulkit Chandna

At the moment, leaks seem to be our primary source of information regarding Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform, with basic specs and release schedule of the upcoming chips becoming known to us in this fashion recently. The latest in this steady stream of leaks pertains to something that is central to any purchase decision — the price.

CPU World on Monday published a list (below) containing the expected prices of  a number of Ivy Bridge desktop chips. One look at this list reveals that most Ivy Bridge chips will sport price tags identical to their Sandy Bridge equivalents. The quad-core Core i5-3570K, the fastest i5 chip in the lineup, is the only chip on the list to have a price slightly higher than its Sandy Bridge equivalent.

Going by Intel’s “tick-tock” model, Ivy Bridge is the the 22nm tick of the 2nd generation Intel Core processor family. It will feature a number of enhancements over Sandy Bridge, including slightly better CPU performance, improved graphics with DirectX 11 support, and enhanced power efficiency.

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