Prices Cheaper Than Ever, Samsung Bigger Than Ever In Q3 DRAM Tally

Brad Chacos

It’s shaping up to be a festive holiday season for Samsung! We’ve already told you that t he company sold a gargantuan 300 million handsets through the first 11 months of the year , a number that no doubt brings a smile to the face of Samsung higher-ups and stock holders alike. And hey, as if that wasn’t good enough, a new report claims that Samsung took “a record share of global DRAM” in the third quarter. Time to break out the bubbly! The joy extends to consumers, too, since DRAM just continues getting cheaper and cheaper.

Samsung snatched another 3.5 percent of the DRAM market to bring its total share to 45 percent, more than twice the slice of the second place finisher. (That would be Hynix, with a 21.5 percent share.) Even still, it’s not all good news for the company: IHS iSuppli, the research firm behind the report , says that Samsung actually made less DRAM-related money in the third quarter than it did in the second quarter despite the increased sales. That’s because DRAM prices are nosediving hard; Samsung’s selling price for DRAM fell by 17 percent in Q3, or as iSuppli calls it, “just 17 percent,” since the average price for DRAM fell by 26 percent in the same period.

The moral of the story? It’s a good time to be working at Samsung, and if you’re starting to gather components for a future PC build, it’s waaaaaaaaaaay better to be buying DRAM than hard drives right about now.

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