Prey Series Doomed, But in a Good Way

Nathan Grayson

Remember Prey? No? It looked like Doom 3, but had portals (before they were cool) and doors that, well, let’s just say we felt like they should’ve been wearing pants. However, Prey was a pretty solid shooter, and when then-developer Human Head Games announced a sequel, we nodded our human heads in approval. Then came the silence.

Now, two years later, it seems that id Software/Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media has plucked Prey from development purgatory . A recent US Trademark Office abstract states that ZeniMax can basically do whatever it wants with the license, including movies, videogames, comic books, and “entertainment services.”

So then, what does this mean? Well, ZeniMax owns id, and id kind of, you know, invented the first-person shooter. Seems like a nice enough fit for Prey, if you ask us. What do you think? We think we’re right, and that there’s no room for argument, but that commenting field below – which literally presents a space in which one is encouraged to argue -- begs to differ.

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