Pre-orders Open for Chumby 8, Ships Early Next Month

Paul Lilly

Chumby on Wednesday announced the release of the Chumby 8, the latest version of the uber popular Internet appliance. The Chumby 8 launches on April 5 and is available via pre-order now for $200. It comes with a sleeker design, 8-inch LCD touchscreen, over 1,500 apps, and a handful of enhanced features.

Some key upgrades new to the Chumby line include:

  • Two USB ports
  • CF and SD card slots
  • A new Web browser so you can access links within apps
  • Task scheduler
  • Flash Lite 4 update to support AS3 (coming soon)

The Chumby 8 certainly looks different than any previous Chumby device, resembling a digital photo frame this time around. If that appeals to your sense to style, you can place your pre-order here .

Image CRedit: Chumby

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