Pre-orders of the JooJoo Web Tablet May Beat iPad Arrivals


Fusion Garage announced yesterday that the production of its JooJoo Web tablet, originally known as the CrunchPad, is in full swing. According to the Singapore-based company, the first wave of JooJoo tablets will hit the market before the end of February , meaning that the pre-orders of Fusion Garage's $499 tablet will precede the iPad.

Besides counting down to the JooJoo's launch, it is actively lobbying potential investors. The company said that it has received a fresh investment from the CSL Group, a Malaysian mobile device OEM and distributor.

"This is [a] landscape changing manufacturing agreement in the CE hardware market in much the same way Dell changed the PC business model with its direct to consumer sales approach back in the 1990s," Fusion Garage CEO Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan said in a statement.

JooJoo is part of the first wave of the impending deluge of tablets. Fusion Garage believes it can pierce the din surrounding the iPad as there is more than enough room for other tablets. However, its more illustrious rival may not be its biggest challenge. On the contrary, the real challenge may lie within: in the form of its Chrome OS-like Web-only approach to tablet computing . Is the world ready for a Web-only tablet?

Image Credit: Fusion Garage

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