Powercolor Uses Three Fans to Cool Down the Devil R9 270X Graphics Card

Paul Lilly

The Devil is back and ready to play games

How appropriate for Powercolor to wait until Halloween to announced its Devil R9 270X graphics card. The latest video card in Powercolor's Devil Series occupies AMD's mid-range tier with 1,280 stream processors, 2.69 TFLOPS of compute performance, Mantle support, and 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1400MHz on a 256-bit bus. It's interesting that Powercolor opted for 2GB instead of 4GB, which is available on some R9 270X graphics card, but on the plus side, 2GB models are less expensive.

Powercolor overclocks the engine clock on the Devil R9 270X to 1,150Mhz, and up to 1,180MHz via boost. The card also features Powercolor's "Platinum Power Kit," which includes high-end components and materials such as DirectFET, digital PWM, and 7+1+1 phase design. These combine to deliver more reliable power and improve stability.

Cooling is handled by a trio of fans and four heatpipes, along with a large surface area of aluminum cooling fins. According to Powercolor, the Devil R9 270X runs 25 percent cooler and 18 percent quieter than a reference card.

We've reached out to Powercolor for information on when the card will be available and for how much. We'll update this post when/if we hear back.

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