PowerColor Unveils HD7850 Fling Force Edition Graphics Card

Paul Lilly

PowerColor's secret sauce to better cooling is to sprinkle in additional fan blades.

TUL Corporation added to its line of graphics cards by announcing the PowerColor HD7850 Fling Force Edition [APAC Limited] with a 910MHz core clockspeed and 2GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1200MHz on a 256-bit bus. It's not the clockspeeds that make this unique -- it's the "unparalleled cooling technology" that consists of attaching additional fan blades to the original design.

In doing so, TUL Corporations claims the Fling Force Edition can move up to 10 percent more air at load. There's also a silent setting when running in 2D mode so you're not constantly bombarding your ears with the sound of a rapidly spinning fan.

The Fling Force Edition card also boasts overclocking-friendly components, including a Ferrite Core Choke to reduce core energy loss and lower EMI, and solid capacitors

"With all these solid-built components and the unsurpassed cooling technology, gamers can experience the superior gaming speed and low-noisy environment without any compromise," TUL Corporation says .

No word yet on much the new card will cost or when it will be available to purchase.

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