Powercolor Tries Hand at Making Power Supplies

Paul Lilly

Powercolor, an old stalwart in the videocard business, appears to have picked up some inspiration from its peers and is branching off into new territory. Specifically, Powercolor just entered the power supply market with the introduction of its Extreme and Gaming series.

The Gaming models are available in 500W and 600W units, while the Extreme series is reserved for the 850W and 1000W models. All four are 80 Plus certified, with the Extreme series boasting 80 Plus Bronze certification. In addition, the Extreme series sport modular cables and a bigger 140mm fan, while the Gaming models use fixed cables and a 120mm fan.

Otherwise, Powercolor is touting mostly similar features across the board, including high quality Japanese made capacitors, CrossFire and SLI support, Active PFC, and multiple +12V rails rather than a single large +12V rail.

Image Credit: Powercolor

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