PowerColor Teases Water Cooled LCS Radeon HD 7970 Graphics Card

Paul Lilly

Thanks to the wonder of social networking, we're able to catch an early glimpse of PowerColor's upcoming 'LCS HD7970' graphics card. PowerColor posted a photo of the liquid cooled card on its Facebook page with a promise that "Something cool is coming soon!" That "something cool" is a Radeon HD 7970 videocard stripped of its air cooled heatsink and replaced with a single-slot full cover water block from EK Waterblocks.

It's pure eye candy for the time being; PowerColor chose not to satiate our enthusiast appetite with a spec reveal or any other information, such as a specific release date or price. But if we look at PowerColor's past LCS cards, we can reasonably surmise, or at least hope, this will come with a factory overclock.

You can check it out here .

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